Our Story

Some 7 or 8 years ago the thought of making a first class putter grip that could pick up a golf ball came to mind. The idea was born out of a bad lower back and not on the golf course. Barely being able retrieve the golf ball out of the hole was what started a long chain of events that lead up to the creation of the Center Cutt putter grips. Suffice to say the road has been long and full of many twists and turns. At least 20 different versions have made their way through the engineer only to be revised or rejected. It was all worth it, as the final product being manufactured today is the "Better Putter Grip".
"Make Putting Easy Again" is the theme of the grip line. The final product now is available to all golfers of any age. Be it the AAA (1.30") or the smaller  AA (1.20") in various colors golfers everywhere can enjoy an easier round of golf. 
PGA  Champions Tour professional Tim "Lumpy" Herron will be using our grip on the Tour this year. With his endorsement and exposure to golfers everywhere we hope this is a very special year!
Thanks to the whole team that made this grip a reality.